Ahoi, S4LeaguARRRs!


First thing's first: Upon starting S4 League today, you may notice a little change. Yup, it's official: Korean development studio Pentavision merged with GameOn Studio. And that means that the development team grows even stronger! And the first output from this team is looking sexay!


You may have heard the rumors about these swashbucklin' new Pirate Ace & Pirate Heart costumes - and finally they're here! This Bucaneer and his sexy Piratess mean a whole lot of "Yo Ho Ho" (and a bottle of rum) for the Netsphere.

As always, you have a chance to get the time based, as well as the rare, permanent Forcepack Editions of these fancy new costumes from G's Capsules - along with other items, coupons or PEN.


Fumbi's Sexy Summer Event

July 12th - July 24th

If you thought these two new costumes were bringing sexy back you clearly haven't seen Fumbi getting his jig on! S4 League's iconic mascot has once more opened up the Event category of his Random Shop!

For five "Sexy Fumbis" a try you can get your hands on some very special items there - including Leopard Bikini, Vacation Set, Pets and above all permanent Kitten and Puppy Ears!

You receive one "Sexy Fumbi" (yes, he really claims he's sexy now. What the hell is wrong with that guy?) each for:

  • Daily log ins
  • Completing a weekly mission
  • With a 50% chance after every match (which roughly means after every second match)*
  • Being in the winning team of a match*

    *Only matches with at least 4 players and a minimum playtime of 5 minutes count!

Need more
Sexy Fumbis?

July 12th - July 23rd

There's one more way to get some Sexy Fumbi Items: per every 1.000 AP you spent (on no matter what) you will receive two additional Sexy Fumbi Items. So if you spend 4.000AP you will receive 8 items, if you spend 10.000 AP you will receive 20 items, and so on.

These bonus Sexy Fumbi Items will be delivered within the next day so this event will only run until July 23rd!

Now go do some swashbucklin' and Sexy Fumbi dancing!